About Me


Author / Concept Artist : Jason Bourque

  Jason started writing at an early age in life. His first passion was music and songwriting, but his love grew into writing his novels. When he first stated writing Neves, he had no intentions to bring it to the public. For him, it was a personal vent from the life changing experiences he faced. But with the help of family intervention. (His father worried he was suicidal due to the years of seclusion .) Unbeknowest, Jason was writing and creating. With that, Jason confessed his project and his father encouraged him to bring it to the public. Henceforth - Neves and its existence. 

Freelance Artist / Publishing Company

Christos Karapanos -  http://www.christoskarapanos.com/index.html 

Toplink Publishing -  https://www.toplinkpublishing.com/ 

Tomas Mascinskas - TMP Projection - The Moghouse -  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnt7U_vaKbp4FwxGr2i0U_g 

More credits available inside books


My Goals

Jason Bourque - My Goal is to complete the Saga series of the Land of Neves. My first plan was to issue an art novel, but with the cost of art, and career changes, this wasn't feasible.  I'm hoping that once all books are complete, and the public see's the whole series storyline, I can afford to release the books on how I originally envisioned them. Which is 3d art. The above 3d art sculptor was done by Flynn Globely - Alicor The Fire Falcon - I'm hoping one day, I can do this with all my characters.