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Land of Neves: The Break Through is a work of traditional fantasy fiction penned by author Jason Bourque, and forms the second novel in the Land of Neves series. Following the events of Book One: The Birth, the planet Neves has already seen its tribes warring and fracturing amongst themselves, but now the Overtakers have come to fulfill Dragnor’s quest for destruction and domination. As if this threat to the world wasn’t enough, Ossin the Tyrant takes the fracturing as an opportunity to assert supremacy and gain power over all the warring tribes. It is up to the forces of good to reignite unity and fight back against the darkness but at a terrible cost.

This is very much a tale with balance as the underlying theme, so although there is a definite presence of good versus evil, it’s interesting to see how author Jason Bourque addresses the balance and necessity of both in his fantasy world. Neves is a beautifully described place, even on its many decimated battlefields, with atmosphere oozing from every page and making the reading experience highly sensory. As one would expect in a good second novel, the characters are given room to breathe, bond with and sometimes betray each other in quiet scenes which are well arranged amongst the action and fantasy violence that abounds in a planet at war. The plotline ends with a satisfying but clearly temporary conclusion, a suitable stop-gap as we await book three. Overall, Land of Neves: The Break Through is a really enjoyable fantasy war novel that’s sure to please fans of the genre.


 Book 1 The Birth Review

 This ebook is wonderful. Of course, it really is perform, nevertheless an interesting and amazing literature. Its been printed in an extremely straightforward way and it is simply after i finished reading this ebook where in fact changed me, modify the way i believe. 

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Land of neves the birth book 1

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Toplink Publishing - Press Release

The Land of Neves Series Gives Birth to a New Saga, Fantasy, Survival and Action

Category: Arts & Entertainment Created: Tuesday, 13 June 2017 15:51 Written by Toplink PublishingThe book that gives birth to a New Saga in an Age-old Battle of Good and Evil

Fans of Lord of the Rings have something to look forward to in newer concepts, setting, characters, and adventures. Battle, chaos, and war clutch the celestial land of Neves. Dragnor, the planet’s King and Keeper of the Staff wrecks havoc and animosity towards the Seven Tribes of Neves. Using his power, Dragnor cunningly extinguishes the balance and love that once rule the land, replacing it with terror and torment threatening the Seven Tribes and any Beasts that may come along the way.

“The Land of Neves (book1: The Birth)” written by Jason Bourque and re-published by Toplink Publishing is an epic, high fantasy work of fiction with a fresh portrayal of the long-time battle between good and evil. The book brings readers into a land before time when everything was good and beautiful, when love and goodness emanates from every creature, and when everything is in total balance. And then treachery spoils the heart of a being, a spoil so enormous that it leads to treason, betrayal, and total desolation.    

The brute brutality of the evil king Dragnor and his Overtakers coupled with Ossin’s lust for power make the readers fear for the lives of all the beasts in Neves, especially the Seven Tribes whose lives are hanging in the balance as a curse and a riddle are placed on them by the Creator. Will they be able to solve the riddle and return the balance in their beloved planet, or will the chaos brew into a bloody war and erase the existence of Neves?

In The Land of Neves (book2:  The Break through), War ignites between the Protectors and Overtakers, along with Ossin the Tyrant, and the Renegades...

When the heavenly planet of Neves is gripped with fear as Dragnor confiscated the love and balance in the land, all the beasts flee for their precious lives. Chaos is everywhere. Wars, famine, imbalance, hatred, confusion, and disloyalty, rule in everyone’s heart. The once perfect planet threatens to crumble from the onslaught of evil as the Staff of Nevés slowly disintegrates.

This more exciting sequel introduces new characters who join the evil forces on killing the Seven Tribes and all the Beasts that once lived peacefully in their beloved Neves. Fighting to protect and restore their peaceful traditions, the Protectors and theSeven Tribes engage in the struggle of their lives.

Amidst turmoil, confusion, and disloyalty, readers will also be encouraged by the unparalleled heroism of Bajob and Baige of Bara, the courage Rajnor, Alicor and the Fire Falcons, joined by the Elders and Light Giants. Together they seek out harmony and unite their armies in hopes of solving the Creator’s curse and forming much stronger bonds in the midst of despair and hopelessness of life.

“The Land of Neves” paints an amazing picture of the main characters’ passion to restore the old Neves and keep the balance in their land so all forms of beast could live together in harmony. At the same time, one could also feel the wickedness of the evil forces in their quest to vanquish the Seven Tribes and rule the planet. The series hangs on with more revelations and action-packed sequences. Lauded for the colorful cover designs, the plot deserves to be seen on a big screen.

Jason Bourque

The Land of Neves Parts 1 and Parts 2

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